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About Finish X

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We are recommended by leading manufacturers. We work exclusively with major brands supplying their finishes. We are adding new finishes all the time.

We are a surface finishing company offering specialist finishing as standard on plastics and metals.

Creating metal finishes and individual colour matched finishes for any product on lots of products on any items you can think of.

We have developed a unique “dye infusion” colour matching process which can be applied to flush plates, shower enclosure hinges, radiators and valves, wet room drains, shower wastes, shower heads, door handles, hinges, channels and frames, handles, buttons, basins, baths, taps and wall outlets (And that’s just the bathroom industry).

Please contact us if the finish you are looking for can be “dye infused” on to a specific product or if available through a supplier.

Finish X offer any finish on a wide variety of products, including:

Flush Plates, Buttons & Handles
Grab Bars
Radiator Valves
WC Seat Hinges
Tray Drains & Wastes
Sockets & Switches
to obscure Horse Shoes
Golf Clubs and other items

Majestic Shower Co. have an exclusive agreement with Finish X matching all brassware suppliers on to hinges, handles, profiles and enclosures. Please contact Majestic quoting ‘Majestic X’.

Some examples of Finish X’s work:

The Finish X Process:

Product Enquiry



Do you require a brushed or polished finish?



Please send us the finished product

Should we apply finish?

Would you like us to brush or polish your product?


Please send us the unfinished product


We will produce a written quote before we proceed

Finish X Process

The Finish X Process flow chart
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